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Dr. Michael Rautenberg

“Become who you are”

Born in the year of Marilyn Monroe’s last public appearance at John F Kennedy’s birthday party in Madison Square Garden and her legendary rendition of Happy Birthday, Mr President. (1962)

A Master of Economics with 10 years of management experience at Lufthansa and Deutsche Bank. Dialogue expert with systemic consultancy qualifications.

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Dr. Michael Rautenberg


Which mistakes are you most likely to forgive?

Those made in goodwill

Your favourite heroes in literature?

D´Artagnan, Don Quixote, Garp

Your favourite figure in history?


Which qualities do you value most in a woman?

Intelligence and passion

Which qualities do you value most in a man?

Gallantry and passion

Your favourite virtue?

Moral courage

Who or what would you like to have been?

Tom Sawyer, Winnetou, Tarzan, Robin Hood

Your main characteristic?

Persistence in matters or on topics that are important to me

What do you value most about your friends?

Tolerance of my faults

Your favourite flower?


Which natural gift would you like to possess?

The musicality of someone like Mozart

Your motto?

“Everything decisive comes about in spite of (…unfavourable conditions)”