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Ernst Pálffy-Daun

“Building castles in the air is free, but destroying them is very expensive”

Born in the year of the premiere of Brecht’s Mother Courage in Zurich (1941).

A Master of Economics with 30 years of management experience in banking, industry and retail.


Ernst Pálffy-Daun


What would you consider perfect happiness on earth?

To be free of emotional and physical pain

Which quality do you value most in a woman?


Who or what would you like to have been?

A hunter and trapper in Canada

Your favourite flower?

Red poppy

Your favourite poet?


What do you dislike most?


Which natural gift would you like to possess?

To be able to fly

How would you like to die?

A natural death, healthy in body and mind

Which message do you have for your children?

“Free is not he who can do as he wishes, but he who can become what he is meant to be.”
(de Lagarde)