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Anisa Avdic

“It is when you give of yourself that you truly give”

Born in the year the first email was received in Germany by Werner Zorn at Karlsruhe University (1984).


Anisa Avdic


Which mistakes are you most likely to forgive?

The ones I can laugh about

Your favourite fantasy heroine and hero?

Wonder Woman and He Man

Your favourite artists?

Kat von D and Stefan Strumbel

Your favourite flowers?

Gerbera and cacti

What do you dislike most?

Betrayal, dishonesty, deceit…

What is your favourite music?

Indie Rock, Indie Pop, guitar solos, Chakra…

A dream you still wish to fulfil?

Bungee jumping and parachuting

How would you like to die?

Not bungee jumping or parachuting!

Your motto?

Dreams have no age or boundaries